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Why Rarities?

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Why Rarities in Gold Coins?

Typically, the majority of Gold investors in the world prefer owning this precious metal in the form of coins, because coins are all generally the same in shape, purity and weight - factors that enable them to be easily traded or sold. For this reason we recommend all of our clients to purchase their Gold in the form of coins. The liquidity of Gold coins makes them a valuable investment and excellent way to immediately access ones wealth in times of need.

Why Rare Gold Coins?

(Rare coins) can't be confiscated
Rare coins that were minted during or before 1933 are by U.S. Federal laws exempt from being confiscated. Yet in a time of national emergency the U.S. government can easily confiscate bullion Gold coins such as American Eagles, South African Krugerrands and Canadian Maple Leafs.

(Rare coins) are private and non-reportable

If you ever decided to sell your rare pre-1933 Gold coins, you are not required to report the sale to any government agency. To the contrary, those who sell their bullion Gold coins are required by law to report the sale of these coins at the time liquidation and must file a 1099-B form with the government.

(Rare coins) give you leverage

In our market today, we have seen precious metals such as Gold significantly increase the demand on the price of rare U.S. Gold coins. These rare coins in the past have typically provided two to three times the leverage of owning bullion gold coins minted.

(Rare coins) are the best diversifier

Any financial advisor or analyst will tell you that the best way to protect the wealth you have accumulated over time is for it to be diversified. The best diversification occurs when the assets in the portfolio are not associated or connected to one another … and since Gold coins have traditionally had a substantially low correlation to stocks and other paper assets they are the best diversifier.

Gold coins have been confiscated before

While many may discount the possibility of the U.S. government confiscating their Gold today, past events have shown that it is indeed not a rare occurrence in our history. U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and the Congress passed legislation prohibiting U.S. citizens from owning Gold currency (coins) in 1933 and the government took possession of the Gold coins owned by the majority of Americans. Again in the 1950’s U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower further prohibited U.S. citizens from owning Gold currency that was held abroad. It was not until 1975 when the U.S. government finally decided to ease these restrictions. These incidents only reinforce the reality that at any time, Federal officials can easily decide to take possession of Gold coins minted after 1933, from their owners.

For these special reasons, we at Global Gold Investments believe that our clients should invest in pre-1933 Gold coins as their wealth will not only be protected from any unforeseen confiscation by the government, but they will have the added benefit of privacy should our clients wish to ever liquidate their coins.

Delivery of your Gold coins

We at GGI are pleased to offer our clients fully insured and hand delivery of their Gold coins to their home, place of business or other requested location. While delivery may vary based on each of our client’s different portfolio needs, we typically estimate you will receive your coins between 7 to 21 business days from time of funds receipt.

You hold your Gold

Another beauty of purchasing Gold coins is that it enables investors to actually take physical possession of the Gold. Unlike most other investments such as stocks where you are merely given a certificate that promises a return on your hard earned Dollars, physically possessing your Gold coins enables you to literally hold onto your wealth. In essence, what you will be doing is a lateral sideways transfer from one losing currency and shifting it into a winning global currency. So rest assure that you have not released your family’s wealth, but put a safety net under it by giving it intrinsic (going up) growth. Your Gold investment will remain secured despite our economic inflation. That’s the power of GOLD.

Where do you store your Gold Coins

We recommend our clients place their Gold coins in:
  • a fire proof safe
  • in a safe deposit box (local bank)