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Risk Disclosure

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All investments involve risk - coins, currency and bullion are no exception. The precious metals, rare coin and rare currency markets are speculative, unregulated and volatile and prices for these items may rise or fall over time. Global Gold Investments does not guarantee that any client buying for investment purposes will be able to sell for a profit in the future.

The value of a numismatic or rare coin is determined by multiple factors which can and do fluctuate independently from bullion prices. These factors include: the perceived scarcity of the coin, its quality, current demand, market sentiment, and economic factors. Bullion, rare coins and rare currency can go down as well as up in value. These items may not be suitable for everyone. Global Gold Investments does not determine the suitability of any specific person to purchase rare coins, bullion or rare currency.

You should consult with your independent financial advisor regarding whether an investment in rare coins, bullion or rare currency is right for you. You should not acquire any products from Global Gold Investments if you are not competent or qualified to make your own financial decisions. You should obtain a thorough understanding of the coin and bullion products before you acquire these products as a collector or investor.

The investment value of a rare coin depends in large part on the price you pay. If you are acquiring any of Global Gold Investments products as an investment, you should evaluate its current market value, potential for appreciation and liquidity and consult independent sources regarding these factors. Since rare coins, bullion and rare currency can decline in value, you should have adequate cash reserves and disposable income before considering acquiring a coin, currency or precious metals.

Past performance: While past performance is a useful guide, it is not a guarantee of future results. We frequently assume that if rare coins or bullion made gains under certain economic conditions in the past, they have the potential to appreciate when similar conditions exist in the future.

Economic forecasts: It is impossible to predict future price trends or economic conditions. However, we apply research, common sense, and logic in an effort to forecast future trends. We believe these trends are a useful guide in evaluating the future potential for rare coins and bullion.

Supply and demand: We believe that fundamental market forces will generally prevail. Therefore, we take into consideration changing supply and demand factors and our expectation of future trends of supply and demand.

There is no assurance that our growth projections will be achieved and it is also possible for prices to decline. We do not guarantee our forecasts or projections, but we strive to provide you with analysis that we believe is well thought out and sincerely reflects our opinion.

You should also know that different market factors may influence the value of a specific coin or currency. For example, the value of a numismatic coin may be affected by such factors as grade, scarcity and demand in the marketplace while the value of a bullion coin is closely tied to the spot market for that coin. Past performance and growth projections for a specific coin or type of coin (or currency) may not apply to other types of coins that Global Gold Investments may offer.

* Global Gold Investments reserves the right to alter, amend, or change in any manner this disclaimer at anytime and for any reason.