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Pre-1933 Gold

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Pre-1933 Gold Coins are a Wise Investment

Purchasing gold coins is not just a present-day investment strategy. Many people in the 1800s and early 1900s took part in collecting gold coins. Today, we are thankful for earlier-generation collectors because yesterday's new coins have become today's rare coins. Many gold coin enthusiasts and experts recommend investing in pre-1933 gold coins.

Acquiring older gold coins is a benefit due to their rarity. Modern gold coin investors see a lot of people with American Eagle gold coins in their collection. Though respected as collector items, the American Eagle gold coins are minted in high numbers and presently offer little or no secondary profit opportunity. American Eagle gold coins often fluctuate, dollar for dollar, with the price of gold bullion, yet pre-1933 gold coins offer a rare and considerably lucrative alternative to the Eagle gold coins. Investing in pre-1933 gold coins awards the investor with anonymity. Gold investors do not report the buy or sell of investment grade gold coins. These coins are specifically exempt from modern-day gold confiscation laws.

Gold gurus often relay information about the profit advantages of pre-1933 gold coins. The gold coins offer profit potential beyond their weight in gold. Prices of select, gold coins from the pre-1933 era appreciated over 1,000% from 1976-1980, and appreciated over 600% from 1982-1989.

As new investors become more comfortable with investing in pre-1933 coins, the demand for the early coins will dramatically rise. Some gold coin specialists are forecasting a profitable market period in regard to these coins for many years to come. Collecting highly-valued, pre-1933 Liberty gold coins and St. Gaudens gold coins can be a very wise investment. It is recommended to seek the counsel of a reputable gold specialist to ensure you build a solid gold portfolio. Contact Global Gold Investments today and speak with a friendly gold specialist.