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While gold and oil investing tend to get most of the headlines, there are other commodities in the market that are currently rising considerably in value, but they are not getting the same attention. Platinum and Palladiumrepresent powerful precious metals investing opportunities thanks to their current rise in the marketplace.

There are a number of reasons why platinum and palladium are rising in value and are poised to be powerful investment opportunities. For those who are looking at alternatives to investing in gold or oil, perhaps to help diversify the portfolio and take advantage of new opportunities for profits.

Auto Manufacturing Opportunities

One reason why platinum and palladium are expected to rise sharply in value in the near future is China’s decision about importing “dirty” coal and actually pursues more environmentally friendly measures. This means that one of the world’s largest auto makers may require more platinum and palladium for their vehicles to help clean up the air.

In addition, both platinum and palladium are in short supply at this moment after enjoying a surplus in 2011. Today, rising costs in mining these precious metals has accelerated the price even further. Given the volatility of the marketplace, there are plenty of opportunities for solid investment.

Investing in Platinum
Platinum is a metal that has always been in huge demand thanks its usefulness in auto manufacturing, electronics and the like. Today, most of the world’s supply of platinum comes from Russia and South Africa, two countries that have not enjoyed a great deal of stability in terms of mining this precious metal.

This is primarily because most of the mines in both countries have not expanded their output in recent years. Plus, there are no plans to produce more platinum in the short term which means that supply levels will continue to shrink.

Investing in Palladium
Currently, the palladium market is facing a supply shortage with demand that is continually growing. With roughly 80% of palladium coming from Russia and South Africa, the more auto sales are boosted in countries around the world, the more this metal will continue to rise in value.

This is especially true because Canada, which is also a source for palladium, is not reaping the benefits of the increased demand for this precious metal. The company primarily responsible for the mining of most of the palladium in Canada has not expanded in recent years which translate into reduced supplies.