What is a Gold/Silver IRA?

Simply put, a gold IRA is an gold investment whose funds have been invested in the commodity of Gold. A gold IRA is backed by gold instead of paper notes. A gold investment is investing in a precious metal, which is substantially less prone to decreasing in value unlike stocks, bonds or investments that are backed by paper promises such as the dollar. This makes a gold IRA a safer place to have your retirement funds.

A gold IRA shields you from a plethora of common pitfalls. You’re protected where others are exposed. An individual with an IRA not backed by gold has to be concerned about rising inflation. They have to worry about unstable interest rates, wars, and bank failures. With a gold IRA you rest assure. When you have an IRA gold investment, your portfolio has a gold safety net.

Move Gold into IRA

How do you know it’s time to move gold into your IRA \ 401K or other retirement plans?

A gold IRA is a smart investment. But, like other investments, timing is important. Of course, we recommend you transfer to a gold IRA, but here are a few optimal times to make a gold investment:
  • When you have changed jobs.
  • When your company has been bought out.
  • When your company is merging.
  • When you are on the verge of retiring.
  • When you are self-employed.
  • When you see your current plan losing value.

In the financial sector, gold is popularly known as the “crisis commodity”. It’s the best performing asset in times of trouble and uncertainty. Historically when events such as wars, inflation, high budget deficits, falling stock and bond prices, weakening of the U.S. dollar, or increasing oil and gas prices take place – gold prices are always driven up. Why? Gold is a natural resource. There’s only a finite supply of it in the world, and unlike paper money, it cannot be endlessly produced by governments. In turn, this always makes a gold investment much more stable than other investments.

Today, almost all of these events have unfolded. There seems to be no end in sight for our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, oil is closing in on $100 a barrel and still on an upwards trend, as well as the dollar continuing to depreciate in value every day. Now is the time to protect your family’s wealth with a gold IRA.

The proof is in the numbers from a gold investment portfolio projection

Still on the fence about a gold IRA? Let’s take a look at the gold IRA facts. We’ll show you actual numbers that prove a gold IRA is the way to go.

The following is a recent portfolio projection we completed for one of our clients who had his retirement funds invested in a conventional portfolio with stocks, bonds and annuities.

In the last five years, gold has yielded an average between 25 to 30 %. When GGG’s gold specialists showed our client the amount of interest if he made a gold investment, as compared to his returns on stocks and bonds, it was a no brainer for him. We think you will agree:

Gold investment portfolio projections

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Conventional Portfolio: $200,000 $214,000 $229,000 $243,000 $257,000 $272,000
Gold Backed Portfolio: $200,000 $260,000 $338,000 $439,400 $571,220 $742,556

After six years, this client stands to gain in excess of $470,000 more with this gold investment in Gold than he would have made in a conventional portfolio. Makes a gold IRA seem ideal, doesn’t it? That’s the power of a GOLD INVESTMENT!

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