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Golden Rules

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  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    In a time when financial advisors and brokerage firms are often out to make their own quick commissions without considering their client's needs, we at Global Gold Investments are dedicated to protecting our clients' investments with sound strategies with Gold. Unlike other financial firms, our entire staff takes the same advice we give each client...which means we all rely on gold investments!

  • Preserve your wealth.

    Considering the volatile stock market and weakened U.S. economy, we at GGI believe that through investment in Gold our clients can conservatively preserve their family's wealth and be rest assured that their future generations will also enjoy this intrinsic wealth.

  • Thou shall protect thyself with Gold.

    We urge our clients who have worked hard for many years to protect their savings and retirement funds by investing in Gold which is not as volatile and uncertain as the stock market or other investments that are only secured by the U.S. paper and C.E.O.'s of companies. The Dollar has been depreciating in value for more than 30 years, don't let your precious wealth decline in value along with this (non-backed) paper money!

  • There's still a Gold Rush today.

    With a steady average growth of nearly 27 percent each year, Gold is ever increasing in demand worldwide today. Since it is a scarce precious metal, simple economics demonstrates that the price and value of Gold will continue to increase as result of this growing demand for it.

  • Gold: Solid as a rock.

    Time and time again Gold investments have never devalued as there is only a limited amount of this precious metal in the international market. Therefore this set quantity of Gold available in the world not only prevents it from losing its value but enables Gold to continuously expand in value with each passing year.

  • Hands off my Gold!

    U.S. Federal laws protect owners of certain rare Gold coins, including pre- 1933 Gold coins from being confiscated by the government. This very important aspect of rare Gold coins gives our clients the peace of mind that they will still retain their wealth should our government decide to take possession of all other Gold in the country.

  • Transporting Gold with ease.

    Unlike paper currency that is often bulky and difficult to transport in substantial amounts, high valued rare Gold coins can easily be transported by an individual from one location to another in a simple carrying case.

  • Benefit from the tax breaks on your Gold.

    Global Gold Investments provides its investor clients with valuable information on how they can limit their payment of taxes to the government through their sales of Gold coins or trading certain Gold coins. We urge you to ask our Gold specialists about these tax advantages.

  • Your privacy is Golden.

    Fortunately, the U.S. government does not require buyers or owners of certain Gold coins to report their ownership of this asset to any government entity. This added component of privacy is yet another very special benefit that comes with owning certain Gold coins.

  • For Gold sakes, hold onto your Gold.

    We recommend that our clients consider Gold coins as long term investments to be held for a minimum of three to five years and five to ten years in order to obtain a maximum profit potential. Over time, investors of Gold realize their patience of holding onto this special global currency is well worth the wait after they reap high returns from their Gold coin investments.

REMEMBER: there is only one true tangible, portable, liquid and intrinsic global wealth...GOLD.