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Buying Gold Coins

We congratulate you on your decision to make a gold investment, and becoming a proud owner of global wealth... GOLD!
Once we receive your funds, your Gold will be purchased at today's current market value and then moved from our inventory vault to our shipping queue under your reservation number. This number will be given to you by one of our Gold specialists, and then when you buy gold coins they will be shipped in your name to your requested address.

Form of payment

We recommend our clients use a bank wire to transfer their funds for their protection, since the funds will be sent through federally insured lines from their bank to our bank.

Trading your Gold and precious metals

We at GGI are not only sellers of precious metals such as Gold, but we are also buyers of precious metals. Our specialists will gladly provide you with information on how you can sell your Gold to us. Another unique quality when you buy gold coins is it provides investors the freedom of liquidity, to sell this metal anywhere in the world where precious metals are traded or purchased this truly makes Gold a GLOBAL CURRENCY.

Should our clients ever wish to trade the metals they have purchased, they can call our Gold specialists and we will pick up the metals and trade them for the metals of their choice. We generally recommend that our clients buy gold coins and consider Gold coins as long term investments to be held for a minimum of three to five years in order to obtain the maximum profit potential.

Easy delivery of your Gold coins

We at GGI are pleased to offer our clients fully insured delivery of their Gold coins to their home, place of business or other requested location. While delivery may vary based on each of our client's different portfolio needs, we typically estimate you will receive your coins between 7 to 21 business days from time of funds receipt.

Hold on Your Investment

Another beautiful thing when you buy gold coins is that it enables investors to actually take physical possession of the Gold. Unlike most other investments such as stocks where you are merely given a certificate that promises a return on your hard earned Dollars, physically possessing your gold coins, when you buy gold coins, enables you to literally hold onto your wealth. In essence, what you will be doing is a lateral sideways transfer from one losing currency and shifting it into a winning global currency. So rest assure that you have not released your family's wealth, but put a safety net under it by giving it intrinsic (going up) growth. Your gold investment will remain secured despite our economic inflation. That's the power of a GOLD INVESTMENT!

Where do you store your Gold Coins,
When you Buy Gold Coins

We recommend our clients place their Gold coins in:
  • a fire proof safe
  • in a safe deposit box (local bank)